Handmade Fused Glass Art Clocks

Handmade, decorative coloured fused glass art functional clocks and wall clocks in a wide range of styles & colours. Bespoke glassware for the house & home. Free delivery exclusively from our online shop

Height: 64cm
Width: 11cm


Height: 10.5cm
Leight: 38cm


Height: 21.5cm
Width: 12.5cm


Height: 54cm
Width: 7.5cm


Height: 10cm
Length: 36cm


Height: 10cm
Length: 33cm


Height: 10cm
Length: 38cm


Height: 20cm
Length: 20cm


Height: 58cm
Width: 6cm


Height: 59cm
Width: 10.5cm


Height: 41cm
Width: 9cm


Height: 43cm
Width: 11.5cm


Height: 42cm
Width: 10cm


Height: 51cm
Width: 26cm


Height: 46cm
Width: 9.5cm


Height: 59cm
Width: 8cm


A unique Gift

I work on my own through all the processes and each piece is entirely individual with no two pieces ever being exactly the same. If there is a design you would like in a different colour or size please contact me.


Free delivery on all glassware from our online shop
*Please note we currently only post to mainland UK*


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Handmade Fused Glass Art Functional Glassware

Ann J Bespoke Handmade Fused Glassware Collections For The House And Home

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